"I dont have money to fix you" the true story of a girl and her computer.

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Last week of NTC and playing catch up

Heyy there! Playing a little catch up from last post, Its been a busy not busy few days. I haven’t been to the gym since thursday (getting little antsy I’m definitely going tomorrow morning). Spent the last few days hanging out with my guy, went to the park and played soccer, played some video games, talked about some stuff and…he’s a pretty good kisser ;). The past few days with him have been really fun and what I really like is that there isn’t any pressure or ulterior motive. I don’t know where it might lead but I’m enjoying my time with him.  

As for NTC program, this week is the last week and I’m already seeing changes which I’ve mentioned before. Already planning on starting my second round still deciding if I’m gonna do the get lean program or get toned. Going to be adding more running to the program to build up my endurance. Oh yeah, made a banana and avocado smoothie last week, my new favorite till more summer fruits come in  

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